In order to maximize user satisfaction and ensure compliance with all obligations of the company, a system of registration, tracking and compensation has been established and all records of the issues raised are maintained in this system.

SLA Compensation Process

Request Submission

Submit a request through the customer's website, in-person or single voice call


Customer Voice Unit verification of customer request

Check Network Damage

If the request is correct, check for damage in accordance with the organization's approvals

Damage Compensation

Informing the subscriber about the compensation as well as the compensation

SLA Compensation ...

Parsian is bound by the Parsian Network in the event of any disruption to the Parsian network and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement (SLA) of the Radio Communications Regulatory Authority Compensate for the uncertainties.

Dear subscribers, we can request compensation for you through the following:

  • 1. Complete the claim form
  • 2. Contact customer voice unit
  • 3. In person
  • Persian Commitments:
    - Parsian pledges technical support on the use of high-speed data lines to the consumer on a 4-hour and 7-day telephone call.
    - Parsian ensures that the subject matter of the contract is included in the bronze level of service, excluding problems caused by shared computer hardware and software, as well as bugs caused by the telecommunications network disturbance.
    - The coefficient of access indicates the maximum amount of customer access to services provided on the Parsian network and has been determined in accordance with the parameters specified in the Service Level Agreement.
    - PLR packet loss rate: Indicates the average loss or loss of IP packets over the Parsian network and is equal to the amount specified in the Bronze Service level.
    - Latency: The average time it takes for a packet from the customer access port to reach the endpoint of the Parsian network and is equal to the amount specified in the Bronze Service level.
    CIR Guaranteed Bandwidth: The minimum bandwidth allocated to the client over a period of time equal to the one-to-eight bandwidth.
    MTTR average recovery or repair time: refers to the average time to repair and restore service based on agreement between the client and the client. This is equal to the amount set at the level of the bronze service.
  According to Resolution 177 of the Radio and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, calculation of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) takes Up to 30 days. 


Submit an SLA Compensation Request

Please complete the following information in order to properly address and follow up.

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