Parsian has always tried to provide public access to its users' communications networks using a variety of tools, but this effort only succeeds when it comes to having a respected user with security concerns, so we recommend this It is possible to experience the safe use of communication networks by applying and following these recommendations together.

Security Alerts for Using Communication Services ...

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Always note that:

  • Change your modem's default username and password.
  • Use WPA2 only to secure your modem. Other methods such as WEP, WPA, WPS are not safe and are not recommended.
  • Change your Internet connection password and use hybrid passwords, such as letters, numbers, and characters like @ together, including at least 2 characters and names. Do not use a password known as your name or date of birth and phone number
  • Turn off SSID public broadcasting and do not enable Wi-Fi networks automatic connection.
  • Use the Mac Address Filter to identify the authorized devices that you want to connect to your modem.
  • Turn off your modem for long periods of unused use, such as while traveling.
  • Never post your private photos and never send your photo to people you don't know.
  • Ensure application-specific security settings are used when using mobile phones, especially if they are otherwise exploited by attackers.
  • You can even use Iranian networks such as Bisphon, Salam, Sinai, etc. and prefer not to use other foreign applications because the server is overseas.
  • Properly use stores that encrypt the information exchanged between you and the server, these sites are characterized by starting with https instead of http.
  • When entering your bank card details, make sure that the site does not falsify the bank's electronic payment gateway (phishing), in which case the attacker will steal your account information
  • Make sure the store has a trust icon and click on it to verify the site.
  • Do not give anonymous key information about your card or bank account, especially your password.
  • Use a virtual keyboard to enter your password and password when using Internet banking, especially on public computers.
  • Be sure to verify the authenticity of the site when it comes to bank account information, as fraudsters have forged bank account information and steal it. ..
  • With regard to cybersecurity transactions, especially ads that are suspected of being prevented from paying card-to-card payments at all, some fraudsters are convinced to pay. / li>
  • Beneficiaries will receive a prize money by sending a text message about your winning the lottery, which will not be sent to the victim after receiving the money or any goods or goods. Or when the goods are valued less than the amount deposited, the victim will be delivered.
  • Do not send any bank account details such as internet code, expiration date, CVV2, etc. when dealing with the received SMS.
  • Choose computer games that fit your child's age and gender.
  • Teach your children never to share personal and family information online with friends.
  We recommend that you stay up-to-date on cyber security  Cyber Police  See Preventive Alerts.