Access to shared wireless Internet services requires careful technical feasibility, so after selecting the service, the feasibility will be provided by the Persians.

What is Shared Wireless Internet ...

Wireless Internet service, the use of Parsian Fixed Communications, or the Outdoor Wireless Service, can share much more bandwidth than is provided by a wire. In this way, radio waves transmit signals between Two devices are used.

The applicant can enjoy a high speed internet subscription depending on their needs and at a fee that will vary depending on the type of service and bandwidth allocated. Unlike ADSL lines, this method does not use telephony and telephony facilities and receives 2.4, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz common bandwidth.

  • Ability to provide faster service than ADSL
  • Providing service in locations without telecommunication facilities
  • Fast support and troubleshooting
  • High Quality

If there is a possibility of servicing at the customer's place after the on-site feasibility study and the request for cancellation of the service is canceled by the client, the start-up fee will be charged by the applicant.

The cost of common side equipment (radio receiver, stand, cable and access point) is calculated separately.

The startup cost for this service is 1500 Rials.