This service will eliminate problems such as shifting the phone line due to relocation and corporate and home users can transfer their number to any place they want, regardless of the physical location of the workplace.

NGN Parsian Service ...

Parsian offers its phone services throughout the country. Depending on your needs and location, you can benefit from special Parsian phone call solutions.

NGN or next generation networks is one of the services provided by Parsian Fixed Communications Company as a telecommunications operator. In the near future, technology will allow Parsian to use the IP phone line with its own branding.

In this technology, soft switches will replace the old telecommunications equipment, making communication cheaper and far cheaper than current telephone lines.It will also provide value added services for this service

With this feature, problems such as moving the phone line due to relocation will be completely eliminated, and corporate and home users will be able to They had physical displacement at work and at home, moving their number to any location they wanted. Also, various commercial solutions with selected numbers for business users are another advantage of NGN services

  • High Quality and cheap communications
  • Ability to select the desired number
  • Ability to enjoy added value services
  • Moving the number and phone line due to unlimited location changes

Service Provisioning Methods

Fixed Telephone on Copper Wire (POTS)

The service, which is a solution for towers and complexes, is available to customers via copper wire and on regular phones.

Landline using IP-Phone

This solution for Parsian Internet subscribers is provided on IP-Phone device.

Landline phone by installing ATA device on internet route

Subscribers using the Parsian Internet will be able to enjoy all the features of the new generation phone service using an ATA device and a regular telephone device.

Landline phone using IAD modem device

Parsian subscribers can have a fixed-line telephone and internet service by installing an IAD device.

Phone 2 Phone Application

Parsian subscribers can experience unique phone features using the Phone 2 Phone app with their own number on the Parsian smartphone and platform.